How to Start A Security Guard Company in Michigan

Getting Started

A security guard company start up in the State of Michigan can involve complicated process. We’ll give you the resources you need in this article to help you get the process started.


Prior to applying, you’ll want to establish what kind of legal entity you are going to use(individual, corporation, partnership, etc.). The internet has a lot of available information regarding legal entities or you can seek out a legal professional to help guide you with this. However, no matter what kind of entity you are applying for, the process is relatively similar.


In the State of Michigan, you’ll need to meet certain prerequisites for applying for a security guard company. You also need to submit proper documentation, and obtain the required surety bond or minimum insurance.




Applicant Qualifications

To apply for a security guard company in Michigan, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 25 years of age;
  • Good moral character;
  • High school graduate or equivalent;
  • Minimum of one of the following:

◦      Bachelors in police administration or industrial security from an accredited school and 2 years of experience as a security                   guard or security administrator;

◦      Ran a private security guard agency in another state for 3 years;

◦      4 years in a supervisory capacity of a licensed security agency;

◦      4 years in law enforcement;

  • Mentally competent and sane;
  • Clean background check;
  • No outstanding warrants;
  • Honorable discharge from military(if applicable);
  • Have Michigan office location.


Company Documentation to Complete

If you’re eligible, you can continue with the application process. To operate a security guard company in the state, Michigan requires you obtain a license from them.

To obtain a license, you’ll need to complete and submit the following:

  • License Application;
  • 2 passport sized photos with name printed on back;
  • Employment Verification forms completed by employers;
  • Official transcript(if applicable);
  • For newly formed corporations, include Incorporating Articles;
  • For established corporations, include a copy of Certificate of Good Standing;
  • For foreign corporations, include Certificate to Conduct Business in Michigan;
  • D/b/a Certificate(if applicable);
  • For partnerships, include partnership papers;
  • Application fee of $200 for individuals and $300 for all others(check or money order payable to State of Michigan);
  • Five personal references(use Personal Reference form);
  • Copy of driver’s license.


Note: You can find a link to the forms and more information at the bottom of this article.


Minimum Bond or Insurance Requirements:

After you have been notified of approval, you’ll need to obtain either a surety bond or insurance. The bond will need to be in the amount of $25,000. If you obtain insurance instead, you’ll need $25,000 for property damages, $100,000 for injury or death per person, and $200,000 for injury or death for multiple persons.



State Code and Regulations:


Application, and other documents:,4671,7-180-24786_24822-81570–,00.html

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