Security Guard Training

Security guard training is require to work in the filed of security to protect property, people and assets. Guards are effective in deterring illegal activities and maintaining peace and are typically hired by private agencies which provide services to their clients on a contract basis.We have built a complete resource for you to get started in your career. Please browse the relevant sections for more information.

Security Guard Training

In order to perform the role of a private security officer, there are many requirements one has to fulfill. There are mandatory requirements for in place in all states.The training requirements depend on whether you are preparing for an armed or an unarmed position.

Armed training typically includes more news related to proper use of firearms, storage and safety guidelines when using firearms and appropriate situations to use firearms.

Security guard training being conducted

Participants interacting with trainer.

As these requirements vary by each state, we made a state-by-state guide for you to follow. Click on the below map to be taken to a page with requirements by state. 

How and Where to Find Jobs

Security  jobs can be well paid and compared to other jobs that require similar level of education and training and are in demand since the last few years. Safety is of top concern, even in economic downturns. Due to these factors a job in this sector is appealing to many. In order to be eligible for jobs you must meet the requirements set forth in the state. We have organized job openings at companies that deploy guards on client sites and also from companies looking to hire guards in our jobs section. On job you may be required to carry one or all of the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor entry and exit of a building.
  • Date of criminal activity by being vigilant.
  • Make a note of suspicious events and activities.
  • Patrol the premises at various intervals.
  • Help people during emergency situations.
  • Coordinate with police and law enforcement.

License and Certification Requirements

Many states have different licensing requirements which you have to meet in order to be approved as a private guard. We have covered the various licensing requirements in our requirements post for training.

A certification may be part of the requirements to obtain a guard card in your state. The certification has to be obtained from a state approved training school. Your employer may cover the cost of training in some cases.

Salary for the profession

The salary can range from minimum wages to $50K depending on the number of years of service and the site you are guarding. If you get employed directly by the company requiring the security guard, you may get paid higher. Please refer to our article on salary. There are other factors that also impact the salary of a security guard. Right from where they received their training, the site and the client they are work for, armed or unarmed, hours of work, any supervisory roles.

Companies and Service Providers

Security companies are the top employers  and they often have contracts with other companies to place their employees on-site. They often rotate their employees after a fixed duration of one year to two years. Services offered by security firms include residential and commercial complex and building security, patrol service, executive security, bodyguard service, event security. many security services can be customized. There me need of additional training for specialized jobs or specialized locations.

General Work Responsibilities

The actual duties are dependent on the site and the property you are guarding. They are also impacted by the law in the state. Most duties revolve around providing a professional secure environment for the public, employees / client / tenant property.

  • Security of site: Ensure the site is secure by patrolling and looking for signs of intrusion.
  • Access control: Maintain a register of visitors and monitor the entrance and exit of the premises.
  • Emergency: Call the fire department or police during an emergency and follow proper safety procedure for emergency notification & response.
  • Reporting writing: File report in case of incident.
  • Manage and resolve conflict situation to ensure safety of the premises.

Security Guard Equipment

As a security guard, you will make use of specialized equipment to perform your duties. The type of equipment needed will depend on the type of site you are guarding and your role on the site. Guards wear uniforms while on duty. If you are an armed guard, you will need firearms which should meet minimum required standards. You may need the following equipment:

security guard equipment

  • Torch
  • Torch holder
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Heavy-duty belt
  • Uniform ( may be provided by employer)
  • Jacket
  • Cap
  • Handcuffs ( if you have authority to arrest)
  • Firearms (for armed guards only)

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