Security Guards provide security for people and property.  We started Security Career Guide (SCG) to build the most comprehensive resource for current and aspiring security guards, a site which can provide guidance for the entire training process, getting a license and also finding new job opportunities.

There are many requirements for one to become a security officer and succeed in the protection services industry; however the online resources currently available are not sufficient to cater to this need. Often the information is insufficient or not easy to use. That is where Security Career Guide comes in picture. We want to bridge the gap we have identified in a way that is helpful for the security guards.

Security Career Guide has a different approach that other information providers, our close relationships with training providers and security guard companies give us direct access to the latest information and latest job opportunities. We have the following information on our site:

Demand for security guard jobs are expected to rise in the next decade and having a centralized source which you can depend on for all the security guard training and career advancement needs will help people get in the field and current security guards to advance in their careers.

We also hope to provide a platform for all security guard agencies to connect with prospective security guards. This will bring direct access to latest job opportunities directly to the candidates.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions. If you like to partner with us to help security guards, please get in touch using the contact form.

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