Security Guard Jobs: How to Find and Apply for them?

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Tips to apply for security guard jobs

1. Complete any required training before applying. Many jobs require you to have a certificate of completing the basic training course before you can apply. Having this certificate will make you eligible for the job.

2. Get your resume reviewed by a security guard. Sounds simple but many applicants never get their resume reviewed by experienced people in the industry. Experienced security guards will be able to point you to things that you should highlight or take out from your resume.  Your resume is often a chance for you to create a first impression so it is in your favor to have the best security guard resume.

3. Get in touch with security guard companies in your region. Most security guards are hired by companies who then place them on contracts at various clients. Get in touch with all the security guard companies in your region or the area you are trying to get a job in. If you follow this strategy, you may have an opportunity to go for jobs that are yet to be published.

4. Prepare for your interview in advance. If you get an opportunity to interview for a position, you must prepare for it in order to have the best chance of getting a job. Try getting a mock interview session if it is offered by the training school you completed your training from. Review the requirements of the opening. Prepare a list of your strengths, which you can highlight in the interview. Prepare answers for common security guard interview questions.

5. Be friendly and approachable. A security guard is often the first person seen on site by people. If they have any questions, they will approach the security officer on site. One of the important aspects that security guard companies look for when they hire new employees to train is how approachable a person is.

6. Be open to taking up new sites. A security guard is needed at many locations and the need can vary based on what contracts the security guard company has. When you are placed at a different type of site, say from a parking lot to a school, you may have to undergo additional training. Show that you are willing to take additional training as and when required.

If you follow these tips, you will have success in finding jobs as a security officer.

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