Arkansas Security Guard License Requirements

You can start your career as an unarmed security guard without any registration in Arkansas. Security personnel can only be employed by registered private security agencies and the agency will guide you to obtain the required training and certification.

Security Officer Requirements in Arkansas

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All applicants must be a US citizen or a permanent resident of United States.
  • Applicant should submit proof of criminal background check and should be free of felony convictions.
  • Complete the necessary pre-assignment training sessions and get a signed verification letter.
  • Fingerprints should be submitted to Federal Bureau Of Investigation to conduct a criminal record check.
  • A color photograph (passport style)
  • You may be required to pass a drug test
  • Physically and mentally fit to fulfill the duties of a guard
  • Good moral character and reputation.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent may be required.

Training course

Training may be required to become an unarmed guard in Arkansas. A State certified training course conducted by a licensed facility and administered by a certified course instructor should be taken to meet the requirement. A completion certificate should be collected as proof.

  • Role of the security guard
  • State licensing laws
  • Working with law enforcement officers
  • Confrontation management
  • Observation and Report Writing
  • Inspections
  • Legal issues and liabilities
  • Terrorism awareness
  • Emergency procedures

Private Security Officer Salary in Arkansas: Mean salary for 2011 is around 24K/year (source: BLS)


For more information see Arkansas State Police Regulatory Services Division or call the office at 501-618-8600

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