Building Your Security Guard Career

It is common to think about your security guard career path after a few years in to the job. Questions like what are you career options after you have become a security guard? Can you can progress to become a supervisor, a manager, a regional head. You can even start your own security guard company once you start understanding the business.

How should one manage their security guard career?

Based on conversation with several successful security guards, I have collected some guidance that I hope will help you in your quest to developing your career as a Security Guard.

Maintain quality of your service

Unlike many job, as a security guard, you are not providing any products. Your service and the safety you provide to people is the product you are providing. Maintain the quality of your work by adhering to the highest standards. Remember if you please your clients, they may offer positive feedback to your supervisors and nothing works better than feedback from your clients when it’s time to promote someone or give someone a pay raise.

The way you respond to people and situations will play an important role in your career progression. If you manage this aspect of your job well, you will be on a fast track from a security guard to a security guard supervisor. For example a security guard can intervene in an argument taking place between people to avoid a potential conflict situation that can ;lead to violence in a public or private property.

Help others

Help others security guards whenever you can. This can be by helping them find a job with your employer. Your employer will also appreciate the effort you are showing to fill the job. Building a network that will help you find opportunities down the line. Of course, do the same for the people you know

Build your skills

While you may not need a college degree to become a security guard, you should consider completing you college. Once you become a supervisor or advance in your security company, your college training may help you get better roles. You can also become eligible for roles other than a security guard. You can look at evening schools. If you work in evening shifts, look at regular schools or distance learning as an option.

You can build skills in first aid and medical assistant to increase the range of areas you can be deployed to.

Maintain a clean record

Companies are very particular to perform background checks to see if there is any criminal record of the person they wish to hire. In order to have a good career in the field of security, it is imperative to have a clean record.

Maintain fitness

As a security guard, you must maintain a high level of fitness. You can either go to a gym or perform exercises regularly at home. Being physically fit and also alert are important for a security guard who wants to progress in his career.

Hope these tips will help you enhance your career in the field of security. Be ambitious and take opportunities as they arise.

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