Can Hiring Security Guards Save You Money?

With the alarming increase in criminal rates in and around the city, security guards are considered to be one of the wisest investments that you make in your business today. You, as a businessman, need not panic about the increased break ins, burglaries , robberies , bombĀ  threats or terrorist threats happening in your locality, because you can blindly trust your security guard. The big, fat, burly man, who is always mentally composed, is often taken for granted until an untoward incident happens. You appreciate your guard when you know of a failed break in attempt at your business the previous night. Security guards, sometimes they are doing a thankless job, however on the contrary, no amount of gratitude from your side can be enough for them for the extremely effective job that they are doing of safeguarding your property worth millions of dollars.

It is indeed difficult to take out a calculator and explain how many dollars that your security guards save you every day and night by having a vigil over your business. However, it can be safely concluded that the entire value of your business is the money that they save for you. If they were not there, your property could have been robbed long back. One important factor to consider is that businesses that do not have security guards spend a fortune every year. They either lose a considerable amount of money and valuables due to burglaries, or incur losses while shifting the business location due to bomb threats, pay a considerable amount of insurance to families of employees injured in the break in effort etc. These expenses total up to a whopping amount. However your annual salary to your security guards is not half of that. This is enough proof to explain what a great deal of money, the security guards save for your business.

Security guards play a remarkable role in allowing only the right people inside your house. Since they stand vigil at the entrance throughout the day, they are aware of your employees and their faces. When a new member enters your organization, he is stopped right away and asked for the purpose of his visit. Only if the purpose is found to be genuine he is let inside the office premises. It is very difficult to cheat the security guards with fake ID cards as well, as a good security guard remembers people well and can easily spot a new face.

Trespassers are strictly prohibited and this way, the confidentiality of your business data is maintained at all times. If the competitors had wrongly entered into your business with fake ID cards, it would have result in data theft, which would have seriously impacted the financial performance of the company. The security guards protect the data from physical and data threat in many ways. Data is one of your most important assets and you would want to protect it with the help of security guards who behave like true professionals in the field.

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