Home Security Companies

Jane Austen very wised said “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”. And the thing that makes home so comfortable and cozy is how safe you feel when you are there. There is nothing to hide in there, and you are just always free to be who you are. Imagine the disappointment if one day home is no longer that sanctuary of peace. Therefore to retain this sanctuary, Home Security Companies work hard day and night to invent security alarm systems which make our homes safe.

In today’s ever growing world, there are many Home Security Companies which have come up with a lot of products and packages to protect our homes from intrusion, severe weather conditions, and fire. But since this involves not only our safety, but our loved ones too, it is very important to understand these products of various Home Security Companies and make an informed decision on which one to buy. Some of the top US companies which provide Home Security services are:

1. FrontPoint Security Services: With a BBB “A” rating and the highest rating by customers, FrontPoint Security is one of the most trusted Home Security Companies in the US. They not only provide protection against intrusion, but also fire and weather conditions. They truly understand the individual needs of every home and fulfill them accordingly. Not only do they offer a total money return 30 day guarantee, but they also give warranty on the equipment and smash and grab protection. With a sleek compact design which can literally fit anywhere in the house, the control panel comes with a 24 hour backup battery and a two year warranty. The control panel is from GE Simon XT thus ensuring the quality and the safety of the product. The intrusion protection sensors come with an easy to remove sticker which you just have to peel off and stick it to the wall you want. The monitoring services are provided by Rapid Response and interactive services through alarm.com. The system can be self-installed in less than 30 minutes, making it very easy to handle, plus the 100% cellular monitoring makes it the easiest to access from no matter where you are.

2. Protect America Security Systems: Having more than 20 years of experience, Protect America is also one of the best Home Security Companies there is. In addition to customizing the various pieces of the system as per your needs, they also price match with their competition. All plans come with free equipment. If you think a particular sensor fits the safety requirements of your home better, then they will replace it with the one you want. Their systems help in protecting homes against intruders, fire, carbon monoxide within each and everyone’s budget. They offer door and window sensor, glass break sensor, garage door sensor, wireless keypad, touchscreen, panic button, motion detector, and video camera. They give a lifetime warranty on their products till you have their services. One of the other advantages of choosing this system is the freedom to choose the type of monitoring services you need, landline, broadband or cellular. With the help of cellular monitoring, you can track the device from any place by using either android or apple devices. Some of the packages they offer are copper, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

3. ADT Security Systems: Being the oldest and the most experienced in this industry, ADT Security Systems are considered one of the most reliable Home Security Systems in the US. With more than 7 million customers and around 130 years of experience, ADT has stood the test of time and always emerged with flying colors when it comes to keeps our homes safe. With a number of packages to choose from, ADT not only offers variety but it also gives a personal touch by providing you with a security consultant who helps you in choosing the best system for your needs and also comes and personally installs the system in your home. One disadvantage with this system is that you have to wait for the representative to come and install it and they don’t offer broadband monitoring services.

4. Lifeshield Security Systems: Said to have the fastest response time in the industry today, Lifeshield Security Systems provide cellular wireless home security systems. In addition to having a unique fire protection alert, they also have their own brand of equipment that incorporates many devices thus signaling the central monitoring station in case one of the units is broken by the burglar. With over 20 patents for their equipment and technology, and interactive monitoring services, they definitely are accredited for innovation in technology and design. They offer both cellular and broadband monitoring services with their own equipment. All their security system equipment can be controlled using mobile or tablet devices. The have several levels of safety in all their products thus making them perfect for protecting homes. They are the preferred security systems for small businesses and large homes. When it comes to installing the device, you can either do it yourself or have a professional come and do it for you.

5. Vivint Security Systems: Vivint incorporates both home security and home automation into one solution. With some of the high end equipment from Honeywell, Viviant helps in energy management. Although the system requires a professional installation, they do have a cell phone application which can control and customize the environment of the home and security controls from wherever you are. Home Security, Energy Management, and Home Automation are the three packages that they offer, besides all the equipment are free with the package. If you want to go for a high end combination product, this should be your choice.

Even though there are several Home Security Companies out there, all of them have advantages and disadvantages. The decision on which one to get should be made after weighing all the pros and cons since security is one of the foremost necessities for everyone.

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