Honeywell Security Systems

Honeywell Inc. is one of the oldest companies involved in making security systems for not just the United States but the entire world. Founded in 1906 by Mark C. Honeywell, it is a Fortune 100 company with its headquarters located in Morristown, New Jersey. From Healthcare to Banking, Residential to Airport, Industrial to Military; Honeywell Security Systems provide quality  security products to keep every nook and corner of this world safe and secure, and have been recognized as the “partner of choice” in the security industry. They have been accredited with the development of the world’s best selling glass break detectors.

The systems developed by Honeywell Security Systems are easier to install and use. Not only are there wired products but also wireless and hybrid systems making them highly versatile and one of a kind in the world. Some of the products developed by Honeywell Security Systems in the Intruder Detection area are:

Control panels: A variety of control panels help you in the installation of any Honeywell Security Systems from a single platform. Some of the products are:

  1.  Wireless Burglary: These provide security solutions for residential areas. LYNX system products have a full touch screen display, voice recording and announcement functions, up to three garage doors per system, weather and tornado predictions, remote phone control, and integration with a thermostat making it perfect for home security.
  2.  Burglary: This consists of VISTA and OMNI systems. The VISTA contains 48 zones of protection, built in phone line with trigger bells, graphic keypad support, and internet alarm reporting function. OMNI on the other hand has the unique zone doubling option with ease and no cost, in addition to all the other features in VISTA.
  3.  Combination Fire/Burglary: The products available in this category in VISTA provide protection from fire and burglary making them perfect for homes, office buildings, schools, churches, malls, and factories. Depending on the model, this system provides protection from 32 zones to around 250 zones.
  4.  Entry Management Systems: The VISTAKEY in this category maximizes security by combining access control, intrusion detection, and fire detection into one system that is very easy to install.
  5.  Software: Compass is a downloader software that allows you to access, control, and program any of the Honeywell Security Systems. This works with both VISTA and LYNX controls.

Keypads: The change from number screen to touch screen keypads have made it easier to access the various products. Some of them are:

  1.  Graphic Touchscreen: Tuxedo Touch has 7″ color display screen, with camera and home controller integrated in it. It has wifi access, can show four cameras at once, local weather and customizable displays option. 6280W/6280S has three language options, voice annunciation of alarm, and access to easily enter the user codes. 6270 TouchCenter provides easy centralised control for homes and office buildings.
  2.  Wired: ADEMCO and OMNI are two products in this category. ADEMCO has 4 function keys, voice models, and a sleek design. OMNI has soft-touch, continuously backlit rubber keys for easy use.
  3.  Voice: The models in this category let the owner set the customised messages and options in clear English.
  4.  Wireless: 5828V, 5839 are some wireless products which you can carry with you to any place.
  5.  Receivers: 6152RF, 6128RF, 6150RF are some models in this category which combine keypad and receiver.
  6.  Commercial fire: This is a remote keypad used with fire control panels in the commercial fire applications. 

Expansion Modules and Accessories: Some of the products include garage door control, sounders, thermostat, transformer, and two way voice technology; which makes these systems comprehensive and user friendly.

Wireless Products: This category includes:

  1.  ZBRIDGE: This includes thermostat built in the system. It is the number one brand of thermostat used in homes and office buildings.
  2.  Door and Window Sensors: 5800, 5811, 5815, and 5816 are some of the wireless sensors available in the market. 5811 has a very sleek design which virtually disappears when installed on doors and windows.
  3.  Glassbreak Detectors and Shock Sensors: This include 5800SS1, 5819WHS. These glassbreak detectors can be mounted on any type of glass: plate, tempered, laminated and wired.
  4.  Smoke Detectors: These products have built in wireless transmitters with the smoke detectors. Some models are5806W3, 5808LTS, 5809.
  5.  Carbon Monoxide detectors: 5800C0 has built in wireless transmitter.
  6.  Asset Protection: 5870API is a wireless asset protection device that can be fixed to any kinds of assets like paintings, safes, and machines etc.
  7.  Motion sensors: 5800PIR-OD, 5898 sense change in motion thus protecting against theft.
  8. Remote Controls: ADEMCO and StreetSmart are the models of remote controls. There are two-button remotes and four-button remotes with eight programmable functions. 

Alarm Communications and Honeywell Total Connect: This consists of commercial, residential, video, receivers, and fire alarm communication systems for transmission of signals.

Sounding Devices: These include:

  1. Piezo sounders: With a low current draw, it can add additional sirens to areas like basements, hallways, and garages. One of the models is WAVE2PD
  2. WAVE Indoor Sounding Devices: Patented case design and hinged case cover helps in easy installation of these devices. Some of the models in this category are WAVE2, WAVE2EX, WAVE2F
  3. Strobes: It has the widest angle coverage giving it excellent visibility. It can be used outdoors because of the water resistance. It has high intensity flashes for quickly identifying premises. One of the model in this category is the 710 series 

Sensors: The types of sensors include:

  •  Motion sensors: DUAL TEC, PIRs, V-Plex.
  • Photoelectric beams: IB100D, IB200D
  • Special Application Sensors: 470-12, TS16, TS300
  • Glassbreak Detector: 2500 and FG series.
  • Shock Detectors: These protect high risk assets. Some products available are SC100 and SC105. 

Life Safety: These wireless models help in protecting life by detecting smoke and carbon monoxide. Some of the types are Wireless Smoke Detectors, Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detectors, and V-Plex Smoke Detectors. Due to point identification and maintenance alert capabilities, it is easy to identify the detector in alarm thus simplifying the service and maintenance of these devices. Some products in this category are 5806W3, 5809, 5800CO.

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