How to Identify a Good Security Guard Company

Security is an important concern for all businesses and when they are not satisfied by the security provided by the public law enforcement, they hire private security companies to secure their places. If you are looking to hire security guard companies to secure your business premises, you should consider the following points to hire a good security guard company.

Does the security company compensate their employees properly?

A good security company will pay its employees the major share of the fee it bills to the client. You can ask your security guard company about the rate the guards are receiving and how much goes towards the overhead. If the security guard company is charging you a very low rate, chances are they are paying a very low rate to their employees as well. This may lead to a a high turnover rate and you may have to deal with new security guards frequently. So a good security guard company pays its guards a major portion of the fees it charges.

Check the reputation of the company

Does the security guard company have good reputation with its clients? Are current and past clients happy? Do clients renew service agreements with the security guard company?

You can get this information by asking for references, reading reviews online. A history of satisfied customers should indicate that the security guard company is a good one. You should also check with the Better Business Bureau and other business association in the region to see if there are any consumer complaints registered with them and if there are any complaints, has the company addressed those complaints.

Is the company legit?

Most states require companies operating in the field of private security to register get a license, get insurance. This is an important step put in place by the state to help maintain the standard of the security industry and the safety of the people in the state. Before signing a private security firm for

Are the security guard trained?

Many states require security guards to get trained and obtain a license. There is also a requirement for annual or bi-annual training in most states for security guards. However some states do not have these requirements. Also the required training may not be sufficient for the guards to perform well. When looking for good security guard companies, you should see if the company has trained guard and if the company focuses on training of their employees or not. Training should be provided to guards on an on-going basis, however some companies ignore these requirements as training and oversight expenses can be high.

Work hours and overtime pay

Security guards get paid on an hourly basis and are eligible for overtime. In your research (for a security guard company), you should see if employees are getting paid overtime rates when they work additional shifts or not. There also needs to be a work like balance, if you notice that overtime is the norm for employees of this security guard company, you can be sure that the guard are being exploited.

Hiring process for security guard

A top security guard company has good guards who are well trained and have good interpersonal skills. Screening candidates, performing background checks and hiring guards can be a time consuming process and can also be expensive. If a security company cuts corner in the recruitment process, it will affect the quality of the employees.

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