Information on Getting Your Security Guard Card

Any candidate who wants to work as a security guard in California must possess a certified security guard card. Performing security guard roles without this card is considered to be a punishable offence here.

Where to approach

These security guard cards are provided by security training academies that are authorized and licensed by the state government. However it is indeed a daunting task for the candidate to personally visit or call up all authorized academies for the procedures involved in applying and getting the security guard card. The simplest option would be to contact the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (part of the Department of Consumer Affairs) to get the full list of authorized academies.


The next step is to apply to these academies for the authorized security guard card. The application should be complete with all necessary formalities in order to be received and accepted.    Along with the application for Security Guard, the candidate must attach 3 copies of Security Guard Live Scan forms to the academies. Once the academies revert with their particulars, the candidate can choose the one company that he is most comfortable with and then start off with this fee payment and other requirements.

The candidate has to then take up the Security Guard Card Test, which is nothing technical or rocket science. The candidate is required to answer few questions based on his common sense and the questions are quite basic. Getting an 100% in this test means that the candidate has passed and qualified to the next stage, which is an 8 hour training program on the Powers to Arrest. In other words, it is also known as P.C. 832 Training.

After the training course, come the Live Scan formalities. The candidate has to contact his local Live Scan Operator, details of which are provided by the Local County Sheriff’s office. After getting the details, the candidate must completely fill up all the required live scan forms, provide his fingerprints and complete the pay formalities.  All these processes cost the candidate anywhere between $30-80.

The authorities at the California Department of Justice then do a background check on the candidate to ensure that he has no criminal history or is not accused of any wrong doing or illegal possession of firearms in the past. Once it is ascertained that his background is clear and that he is eligible to become a security guard, then, the candidate is issued his security guard card. The lucky ones get this card within a few days, whereas the not so lucky ones get it within 6 months of their registration.

The security guard card is the sign that the candidate is approved to carry out security guard work in California. Hence the candidate must ensure that he carries this approval with him at all times when he is on duty, so that he is not unnecessarily accused during random checks. Having an authorized security guard card increases the credibility of the candidate and equips him more for some good opportunities of security guard work within California.

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