Online Security Guard Training

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could complete the security guard training online?

No need to drive down or take the bus to the training school, your security guard training certificate, right from the comfort of your couch? Before you sign up for an online security guard training make sure you do your research.

man taking an Online security guard training course

Online security guard training course

Is online security guard training valid?

Each state decides the validity of the training course and there are many schools which do not allow online security guard training. Please check if the course you are taking is approved for security guard training in the state you plan to work after. Refer to the security guard training requirements for the state you want to work in.

Online vs. Classroom training

While there may be certain advantages to conducting online security guard training session such as cost reduction, having access to training modules after the class is over so that you can revisit the session and refresh your memory; there are some disadvantages as well.

  • An online class may not offer the option of getting your questions answered, even if there is support via email, it will not replicate having a knowledgeable instructor in front of you.
  • In a classroom, one learns from the instructor and also from peers; however an online security training course will take away this aspect of the learning experience.
  • Online classes may not be the best way to learn about safety procedures for a practical job like security guards. Security guards need to be on the field and it is better to have a real feel of the job while in training.
  • In a real classroom setup, you will be able to build personal relationships with other trainees and the instructor, while in online classes, you will not know about the other participants. The network you build in a real classroom can be very valuable asset for you in the long term to find new opportunities.

In short, an online class cannot replace the learning environment of a classroom, so if you can choose to go to a real classroom over an online security guard training, it may not be a bad decision.

Online training does have the convenience factor going for it and also it can save you a lot in terms of the cost of training, often your employer may offer some advanced training to you in the form of online delivery and there may be no option to attend the class in person.

Some online security guard training providers also offer a couple of modules for free for you to see the quality of the training videos. See these videos to get an idea of how the instructors are in the video and also ask how you can get in touch with the instructor to resolve any questions. Many online security guard training providers are also providing free lifetime refresher training. That is a great benefit as some states require you to take these refresher training courses once every year.

If you find any good online security guard training providers, please be sure to leave it in the comments sections.

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