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We have created a directory of security guard companies on the internet. Our main goal is to help people who are looking for guards services identify the best firms that they can trust and hire to protect their property and people. If you are looking to contract a firm, browse to your state and city to see local firms we have listed. If you are looking for employment, look at our jobs section for the latest career opportunities and the training sections to understand the licensing requirements for the same.  We have all the resources that one needs to manage their private protection services business and a career in this filed.

If you desire to listed on our site by your company to our directory, use the get listed form and send us your details. For people looking to start their own company, browse the requirements listed by us.

Selecting a Security Guard Company

We have created an organized index of companies that provide a range of services from event to home and office protection. Contact them with your needs and get custom quotes. We are also in the process of adding resources that will help you identify your service needs and then design a contract. We have the phone number and directions for these companies listed and organized by state.

security guard companies by state


Security firms specialize in offering security services for one or all of the following services:

  • Events and temporary occasions like multi-day conferences
  • Retail (for malls and shopping centers)
  • Residential security for communities and apartment complexes
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Video surveillance
  • Community patrol, crowd management, parking and traffic control, personal security and executive protection, etc.

Security guard companies have played a very important role in reducing crime rates at sites they monitor. They work with law enforcement to help provide a safer environment for businesses and individuals.

Starting your own Security Company?

Starting a business can be a very complicated and difficult process. Some states define the requirements at a state level, whereas some states leave it to the counties and cities to set the requirements. Learn how to start a security guard company, you must look at the state by state requirements, get the required experience, training, insurance and register an entity in the state. To provide nationwide security services, you must meet the requirements of all states independently. You may also need legal advise to setup your service contracts. A major aspect of running any business is managing your employees and getting new clients. It is no different than the protection and safety industry. So if you have the entrepreneurial spirit, you will be sufficiently challenged and will find this industry exciting and rewarding to operate in.

Growing business for your security company in most cases is building trust with your client base and organically growing based on recommendations and referrals from your clients.

License requirements for employment

In most states, if you want to work as a security personnel, you must be at least 18 years old. Many states set a requirement for  you to be at least 21 years old as a pre-condition to work as an armed guard. That is also mandatory training with one must undergo in order to get a license in most states. This training can range from 8 to 40 hours. Your employer or the state may mandate you to undergo background check which may involve fingerprinting check conducted by the DOJ and FBI.

To keep your license (also known as guard card, registration  or  permit)  current, there may be certain training which you have to undergo periodically and / or pay a renewal fee. Depending on whether you want to become an armed or unarmed guard your requirements will wary for these continuing education courses. We have a detailed article on the various steps involved in pursuing this career choice.

Unarmed Training

Some states do not have nay specific requirements other than being either 18 or 21 in order to get employed in the filed of security services. Many states have basic training requirements that can be met while working as a guard and some want you to have training and license completed before you can start working. Look at the resource page on training and career development.

Armed Training

Nearly all states required armed guards to get a license and complete training to get their license and start working. This training is in addition to what one may have to get to become an unarmed guard. Armed training has a firearms module which helps one learn about he proper use of firearms and the permits required to carry them at work.


The salary for guards varies from the state they work in, whether they work on an hourly basis or full-time, the actual location, experience and if they are an armed guard or not. Security guard salary typically ranges from $17,000-$42,000, the average compensation is around $25,000 and it can be as high as $60,000 if one is in a high-paying metropolitan area and has several years of work experience behind them possibly working in a managerial role.


Finding jobs at security guard companies can be difficult, thankfully we have made a sample job description for you to understand the requirements of the job and an useful article on tips for your resume. Browse through our database to learn about firms in your area and get in touch with them to find about latest job opportunities. Security companies hiring for employees often look for people who have already completed their training and are ready to be deployed at client site. Some employers are willing to train fresh recruits if they have their own security school while others prefer hiring only trained and licensed guards. Professional service providers are also the top employers of candidates in this industry. So it is to your advantage to contact them to seek for employment opportunities over reaching out to other types of employers.

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