Starting a New Security Guard Business


There has been great demand in the recent past for some high quality security guard services due to the increased number of burglaries, murders and other robberies. Hence starting a security guard business, that provides dedicated services to corporate establishments as well as residential areas, is one of the newest trends of entrepreneurship.  The need for security is at an all-time high among citizens today, hence this is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on and set up their own security guard business.


However, setting up such a business is easier said than done. There are lots of formalities that an entrepreneur must abide by, in order to start this business. He should get a license to operate his business in a particular area, from the local government. All the necessary details are available on the internet. Hence the entrepreneur must go through the website of that particular region and first be aware of all the procedures that he needs to go through to get the necessary licenses and certifications.

The next step is get on to the field and start training. Though the job of the entrepreneur is to run a company of security guards, he must be trained fully on all activities so that he doesn’t panic in case of an emergency. Knowing to handle a gun, participating in boot camps and stretching the body to the maximum possible level, on field exercises etc. are a must. All training courses are provided by authorized law enforcement agencies. Hence it is mandatory to enroll in these courses and develop one’s capabilities. It is always said, that to be successful, you cannot just sit on a chair and supervise things. You should get into action and get your hands dirty to earn success.

After taking up the training courses, it is important to enroll in certain examinations that are authorized by the local state government and clear those exams with good marks. The person must also clear all background checks conducted by the government. The California guard card program is a certification program that is expected to be completed by all aspiring security guards. People have the option to attend training schools or enroll in online courses and obtain this card. This is mandatory if one wants to start the security guard business in the US.

Doing a course on criminal law can be an added advantage because that increases the credibility of the person to start the security guard business. A basic qualification will help him to understand how to handle adverse situations and he can then train his team properly. Next step, which is the one of the most important steps, is to hire people who have done all the similar procedures like training, qualification, physical fitness clearance etc.

The business can now be registered under the state government’s policies and it can start looking for opportunities for providing security guards. It is always advisable to start on a small or temporary scale like events, exhibitions etc. Once the company makes a mark in these small events by providing exceptional safety to all concerned, it starts getting big offers from corporate and residential apartments.

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