Top Security Guard Careers

In this article we will cover the top career options in the filed of security.

As someone new to the filed of security you may think that working as a security guard is the only option if you decide to make a career in the file of security. This is not true. There are many more career options for you once you enter the field of security.

Basic career options as security guards

Unarmed security guards and armed security guards are the entry points for many in the field of security. In most states you must undergo training, get a license and then work for a security company as a security guard. Armed guards require further training. In order to keep your license active, you must go for refresher courses periodically. The main reason people go for armed guard training is that it offers a better compensation than unarmed guard.

This is just the beginning, however many security guard based on their preference select the type of site they want to guard. Of course you will not get to make choices at the beginning of your career.

You can be a guard at shopping malls and sporting events, music concerts, business parks, parking lot, etc.Some guards exclusively prefer roles where they have to move around, they prefer to be part of a patrol either walking, on a Segway or in a vehicle. You can also choose to be a private security guard protecting high profile clients such as Hollywood personalities, television stars, music artists, government officials, or rich tourists. You can also become a bodyguard for someone famous and become a part of their personal lives. These are just some of the career options you have as a security guard.

Positions with larger companies

Smaller security guard companies are limited by the size and need very less people to manage their employees, however larger companies offer many positions that are for experienced guards. Some of the job options with security guard companies are security consultants, who are responsible for designing the security of the site they look after; security manager, who is responsible for managing security guards on site, hiring and replacing guards as needed. There are also marketing and sales job at larger security guard companies that are offered to people with good communication skills who can close deals and get new business for the company

Going the entrepreneurial route

The highest level in any business is to be an owner of the service. So after some years as a security guard or as a security guard manager, you can look in to the requirement to start your own security guard company. On the face these requirements might intimidate you however they are not difficult to fulfill. All states set the requirements to start a security guard company independently but some of the common requirements are to have over one year of experience as a security guard, get a liability insurance, complete training as required by the rules of the state, maintain proper records and collaborate with the law enforcement agencies, only hire licensed security guards. Once you grow in your career in the field of security you will automatically learn all the details of starting a security guard company.

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