Security Guard Training In Indiana

Indiana does not license individuals who work as security guard, instead Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board (PLA) licenses a business as a Security Guard Agency based on the qualification of one individual who make an application (the owner). It is the responsibility of agency to hire and keep records of unarmed security guards. Security guards in Indiana do not have arrest authority.

How to become a security guard in Indiana?

Unarmed Guard Requirements in Indiana

The following are generally the minimum requirements to get hired as an unarmed guard in Indiana

  • 18 years of age is generally the minimum age to become a security guard; however some agencies may require you to be 21 years old.
  • A high school diploma or equivalent may be required.
  • A criminal background check can be required by the security guard agency. The official background check process is as below.

Background Check Information

A criminal history background check is required for a private investigator and security guard license in Indiana. All applicants are required to submit a background check from the Indiana State Police and background checks from every state, county, and city of residence from the past seven (7) years.

Please contact the State Police and local jurisdictions for instructions on how to obtain the background checks as the process and requirements vary from state to state and city to city.  All original documents from official state authorities must be submitted (no third-party checks will be accepted).

Fingerprinting for Security Guard Agency Application

You will also need a fingerprint report with you background check. You can schedule an appointment for fingerprinting online at MorphoTrust and choose Indiana or call (877) 472-6917 to schedule an appointment.

You will need any one of the below documents:

  • Valid Driver License
  • Valid State Issued Identification Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Student ID with Picture and DOB
  • Work ID with Picture and DOB
  • Valid Alien ID card with Picture and DOB. 

If you do not have the above identification, you will need both a valid Birth Certificate and a Social Security Card.

Arrive at the facility at your appointed date and time. On completion of fingerprinting, collect your receipt, which can be used a proof of completion of fingerprinting. Send the result of fingerprinting (original copy) along with your application.

For individuals, previous experience in the field of law enforcement, either as a police officer or as a security officer in some other state will give you an advantage in your job search. For license applicant Indiana has requirements for previous work experience which you can find about using the links in additional resources section.

Security Guard Salary in Indiana

The salary for security officers in Indiana varies form $20K to $50 based on experience and the client site you are positioned at.

Links for more information

Official site of Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board (PLA):

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