Advantages of Becoming an Armed Security Guard

An armed security guard is appointed to protect people, assets and property. Under certain situations, they can use their firearms to perform their duties. The position is one of high responsibility. Becoming an armed security guard is a natural progression for an unarmed security guard as it offers the following benefits.

Benefits of becoming an Armed Security Guard

Get better pay: Armed security guards get paid more than other security guards. The additional amount of time and effort you put in to get trained as an armed security guard professional is rewarded with better compensation. It is one of the reasons why many security guards are pursuing the firearms training. The compensation could be almost 30% better than a unarmed guard.

Better safety: As an armed guard, you have access to a gun if you need it. You may not even have to use the gun. The fact that you have a gun can be big deterrent for many criminals and avoid a conflict situation. There may be situation in which you may have to use the gun and having the gun will give you better safety

Specialized guard jobs: Many guard jobs require people who are registered to carry arms. These jobs are not open to every security guard. So you are opening new career opportunities for yourself. If you started as an unarmed guard in this profession, getting trained as an armed security will open opportunities to become a guard at university campuses, where you may also be eligible for benefits like pension.

While you are armed, you will have to use your gun under very rare circumstances. You will also get trained in handling situations of conflict and prevailing rules and regulation. This training will help you become a better security guard.

Additional risks for Armed Security Guards

The benefits of a becoming an armed security guard come along with some additional risk. Since your clients need armed guards, they perceive certain types of threats to the assets you are protecting. Since many armed security jobs do not require you to continue to practice using your arms in a secure fire range, you may lose the touch you have gained. In order to overcome these shortcomings, look for a job where there is more than one armed security guard to ensure that you are not the only one protecting a place and have sufficient backup. If you feel that the place is under protected, bring it up with your supervisor. Some companies will pay for your continued firearms training. When looking for jobs, prioritize getting a job with such companies.

Some companies may reimburse you or may have a program for security guards to take and get reimbursed for the training. After you become an armed security guard by getting firearms training and getting licensed, if you perform your job well by being respectful to clients and if you get good feedback from them, you will be on your way to becoming a supervisor and then an regional head for your security firm.

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