Armed Security Guard Training |How to become an armed security guard?

Security guards with fire arms are required by many businesses to protect people and assets. Since the guards are armed, they must be trained properly to reduce the dangers of such a position. Armed security guard training provides access of fire arms to security guards to perform their duties.

How to get a job of armed guard?

In order to become an armed guard  one must follow the guidelines issued by the Federal government. Many states also have additional guidelines for firearms training.

Due to the nature of the job, candidates are required to pass a background check which can involve getting fingerprints registered with FBI, criminal background check, and DNA tests. One must register with the relevant state authority and get a license to be carry arms. Typically you will get trained (or you may get reimbursed for the cost of training from the company).

For you to become an armed officer, you will need training to properly and safely handle firearm. You will also be required to pass a background test before an arms license is awarded to you.

There are many benefits of being an armed guard. As an armed personnel, you will get paid more than an unarmed security personnel and will have more career growth opportunities. You can progress in your career and become a supervisor and then a regional manager.

Firearms training

Firearms training is an essential part of armed security guard training. During the training you will learn how to maintain and take proper care of your gun. You will get shooting practice in a fire range, so that you are comfortable shooting if you have to in a real situation. You will also learn the civil and criminal liabilities of using a firearm. You will also gain practical knowledge of firearms handling and safety. You will also be familiarized with the rules and procedure that are applicable in your state, code of conduct, and general duties and responsibilities.

If you are require to use a shotgun, you may require additional hours of training

armed security guard training

Firearms training

These training elements are essential for one to pass the test but also to understand the responsibilities that lie on the shoulder of a security guard. Firearms are lethal and misuse or improper use of these can cause danger to people around you and legal liabilities for you. Safety training during the firearms training process will teach you how to operate a gun properly and reduce chances of an accidental fire. It will also show you the load and discharge a gun correctly

Not everyone may require training (please check local regulations). If you have been trained as part of your previous jobs for handling arms you may be exempt from the firearms training. For example if you were a former military personnel or police officer, you may be either partially or fully exempt from firearms training. In fact armed security officer is a choice of profession for many former military personnel and police officers.

Armed Security Guard Training: Rules and Requirements

Stare requirements vary. Please select the state in which you are interested in becoming an armed guard for details on training and other requirements:


More state will be added soon.

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