Checklist for Hiring Security Guards

Security guards are professionals who protect the general public from potential dangers. Their job involves dealing with danger everyday as they put their lives at stake while protecting other people. Sometimes, the job of a security guard also involves dealing with weapons, firearms, terrorists or bombs. Hence before hiring security guards, one has to consider few points so that there are no regrets later.

A strong background check is necessary before hiring a security guard. One has to thoroughly check the guard’s past life and be doubly assured that the candidate is not accused of any illegal dealings before. Physical and mental training courses should be imparted to the security guards to ensure that they are great on the job. These courses should be a mix of theory, practical training and mock sessions. The mental makeup of the security guard is very important. The guard should be cool and mentally very strong so that he can handle emergencies skillfully.

Physical health and fitness levels of the security guards are very important. This job is one that requires physically grueling conditions that require the highest level of fitness from the guard. Hence it is important to have a full check-up of the security guard before hiring him. Care should be taken not to hire people who have a history of illnesses in the past.

To be doubly sure candidates should hire security guards who also perform roles of authorized law enforcement agents. Hiring security guards from credible organizations increase the safety quotient of the people who hire them, so that they do not have to worry about the quality of services that these guards offer. At the time of hiring these guards,  one can clearly set expectations so that there are no disappointments later.

There are people who do not allow their security guards even an iota of fun like smoking or watching TV. Theses safety fanatics require 100% vigil at all times. It is not to wrong to set expectations in the initial stages, if one wants the best services.  Guards can be made to sign agreements that contain a list of dos and don’ts while they are at work.

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  • Darrien Hansen says:

    I like that you brought up the importance of hiring a security guard that is healthy and fit. My uncle wants to open a business and needs to find a security guard to protect it. I’ll let him know that he should find someone that is physically capable of handling the job.

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