Finding Customers For Your Security Guard Company

Finding clients is a major concern for any business and a security guard business is nothing different. There is a good demand for security guards but there is also a good supply of security guard companies in certain areas which make it difficult to find new clients.

Getting listed on top Business Directory such as “Best Security Guard Companies”

The best time to get in front of a client and generate recurring business for your security firm  is to get in front of them when they are looking for a service provider. Clients often look for business listings and reviews on business directories. Getting listed on top business directory can get you more exposure and help you convert more inquires in to paying clients. Check our services page for more details.

Identifying potential clients

Who needs security guard services in your area? If you are targeting offices and factories in your area, look for companies with more than 100 employees. You can make a list by either driving around nd noting down names of mid to large office building and factories in the area of pick up a local business directory and start your search. Make a short list of prospective clients you want to target and then work the list

Introducing your services

Look for people in your network who can get you an introduction with a decision maker of the company. If you cannot reach to a decision maker, try getting introduced to an employee and ask for a reference. An introduction via someone will go a long way. If you have no connection with someone in the company, you best bet is to make a cold call. Ask for security manager or a facilities manager. Tell them about your service, some other clients in the area you are servicing.

Finding break-in points

Chances are that the company you have targeted are already using a security guard company to provide security services. If that is the case, you should ask if they have any complaints with the current security provider, do they wish some of the security related activities were performed differently.  Many companies open up the security contract or rebidding periodically. Ask the security manager if the contract will be up for bidding in the near future and how you can participate. It is also important to occasionally get in touch with the managers and remind them of your interest to serve their company.


Advertising in local papers, security publications or going to trade seminars can help you make a list of leads. You should also consider online marketing to attract new clients that are actually looking for security services in your area. Advertising can help you get in front of customers at the right time. When the customers really need a new security guard service provider, you should be in front of them. Some security companies shy away from advertising, especially online advertising, but you are missing out on many possible leads.

Conducting events and seminars

It is important to attended industry events but it is also important to organize them if you see a void in the space you are operating. Organizing industry events will bring you at the center of the industry and will help you become a leader in a very short time. This is a strategy I have seen work in many industry and security is no different. When you organize a trade show, or just sponsor a trade show, you get to be in the lime light, you get  to interact with other people in the industry, you learn about the best practices, you meet prospective clients and also close new deals.

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