Should you get your Security Guard Card online or in person?

A candidate who is aspiring to become a security guard in California should first get the security guard card approved and authorized by the California Department of Justice. However obtaining this certified guard card is not an easy process. The candidate must complete the required training courses in order to qualify for the same.  At present, the candidate has got two choices before him. He can either attend a training school for take these courses or he can enroll in an online course and study online. It is entirely the candidate’s call which option to take, though each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is worth considering the following points before the candidate makes his decision.


This is the first step of taking the training courses. Online courses are quite easy to register and it saves the candidate a lot of time and effort. The candidate has to just fill up a form online, submit it and get the registration confirmation email. It is as simple as that. Registering in the training schools involves lot of travel time. The candidate has to wait for long hours for each step to be completed. Hence the online format is the most preferred mode.


The candidate has got a lot of comfort when it comes to online courses. He can choose his own timing and place to do the course in the online format. This increased flexibility helps him to focus better on his training courses. On the other hand, in the traditional training schools, a strict timing is followed and the candidate is not allowed any freedom or flexibility in his mode of studying.


There is nothing to beat the internet in terms of research. Online courses give the candidate immense resources for research and to widen his understanding.  Internet is always used as a quick reference point to clarify confusions that the candidate may get while doing the online training course. On the contrary, the only place of research in the conventional schools is the library. The options for research are limited here.


Online courses help the candidate to be more organized in terms of maintaining important documents, reference courses, study materials etc. The online format gives him more scope for freedom and more time for research. This motivates him to make full use of his study time without any distractions. However, in schools, the candidate is forced to spend his time inside the class hours and he is not the given the flexibility of breaks.


The quality of studying is definitely higher if the candidate enrolls in online courses, because here, he gets to choose his time and his method of studying, which makes him more effective.

Hence, it is pretty obvious that online courses are the best methods of studying for training courses to qualify for a security guard card. These courses help the candidate to focus better there by opening more avenues for him for good quality security work.

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