How to Become a Security Officer in Connecticut

In order to become a security officer in Connecticut, you should obtain a license from the Department of Public Safety, Division of State Police. Companies that operate as security agencies must also obtain a Security License to hire private security officers.

Connecticut Security Officer Certification (Guard Card) Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older to apply.
  • Must be a US citizen or a permanent resident who is allowed to work in US.
  • A criminal background check may be required by the security guard agency.
  • Training is required. Some companies may also provide additional free security guard training in house.
  • Fingerprints (one blue card for FBI and one green card for State of Connecticut) must be submitted with your submission for a new certification. The fingerprint is used to perform a background check.
  • Two color passport style photographs.
  • Applicants should be free of habitual drunkenness or narcotics addiction or dependence. There may be a drug test for this.
  • Applicant should be physically fit and mentally competent to perform the duties of a security guard.
  • Good moral character and reputation.

You can download the application form online. Application fees are as under:

  • General fee: $100.00
  • FBI Background Check: $19.25
  • State of Connecticut Background Check: $25.00

The fees should be made payable to the Department of Public Safety.

Connecticut Private Security Officer Training

An 8-hour pre-assignment training is required for all unarmed security officers. Training can only be provided by licensed course instructors. The course curriculum is approved by Commissioner of DPS.


All Security Officer Licenses (new and renewals) are valid for 5 years. A fee of $50 will apply at the time of renewal.

Security officers must carry the guard card (license) at all times while on duty and must produce the card if requested by a law enforcement officer.

Salary of Private Security Officers

In 2011, Security officers in Connecticut have a mean salary of $30K per year (Based on survey conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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