Kentucky Security Guard License

Kentucky has no licensing requirements for unarmed security guards at the state level. Some Cities and towns may set requirements for unarmed security guards. Also many top security agency in the state have their own requirements in order to maintain the quality of their service and provide better security to their clients.

Unarmed Security Officer Requirements

These general requirements will help you get a security officer job in Kentucky and is generally required by many security companies.

  • The minimum age to get hired as an unarmed security guard in Kentucky is 18 years.
  • Work authorization: You should be a US citizen or be a legal permanent resident to work as an unarmed security guard in the state of Kentucky.
  • Pass a background check: You must undergo a criminal history background check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the local Department of Police.
  • You must submit your fingerprints in electronic format to complete your criminal background check.
  • Applicants should be free of habitual drunkenness or narcotics addiction or dependence. There may be a drug test for this.
  • All applicants should be physically fit to perform the duties of a security guard.

Security Guard Training Course

A good training course will have the following modules:

  • Role of the security guard and State licensing laws.
  • Working with law enforcement officers
  • Confrontation management
  • Observation and Report Writing
  • Inspections
  • Legal issues and liabilities
  • Terrorism awareness
  • Emergency procedures

Kentucky Security Guard Salary

The average salary of security officers in Kentucky vary based on the number of years of experience and the roles and responsibilities of the person. The mean wage of Security guards, as per the employment statistics of 2011, is $24K in Kentucky.

Additional Information

Please contact a security agency in your city or town and get more information applicable to your place.

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