New York State Security Guard Training

If you want to be a Security Guard in New York State, you must be registered and trained. The Division of Licensing Service, New York State Department of State oversees the registration process and the Office of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) oversees the NYS security guard training process.

Security Guard Training Requirement in New York

Pre-Assignment: You must complete an 8 Hour Pre-Assignment training course. A certificate of completion is required with your application for registration. The course includes role of the security guard, legal powers and limitations, ethics and conduct.

On-The-Job Training:  Within the first 90-days of employment as a security guard, you must complete additional 16 hours of on-the-job training based on the needs of the employer covering all the duties of the security guard and the requirements of the work site. To successfully complete the course, you must pass an exam.

Other NYS Security Guard Training Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age.
  • You must have not being convicted of a serious criminal offense.
  • You must be a citizen or a resident alien of United States.

Additionally, as a registered security guard, you must cover an 8 Hour Annual In-Service training (every year). A security guard registration is issued for a period of two years and an active security guard must undergo the In-Service training twice during this period (once every calendar year). The course is structured to provide updated information on the responsibilities of a security guard.

You can avail these training at a DCJS approved security guard training school by contacting a school near you from a list maintained by DCJS here. Training offered by these schools meet the minimum standard and is conducted by DCJS certified instructors. The cost of the training varies from security guard training school to school. The training classes must be attended in person. NYS does not permit online security guard training.

NYS Department of State accepts Money Orders, Company Checks or Cashier’s Checks only.

If you are Police Officer (currently serving) you are exempt from the training and registration requirement. Former Police Officer, Correction Officer may also be exempt ( please check with the Department of State).

Fireguard training is not required for obtaining a security guard registration card.

Step by Step application process

  1. Complete the 8-hour Pre-Assignment course from a New York State approved security guard training schools (DCJS approved training school) and obtain a copy of the completion certificate.
  2. Complete the application and sign it.
  3. Complete Electronic fingerprinting and obtain proof of completion.
  4. $36.00 fee payable to the NYS Department of State for Initial application. $25 for Renewal.

Electronic Fingerprinting Fees / Costs:

  • DCJS fee: $75.00
  • FBI fee: $16.50
  • Fingerprint Vendor fee: $10.75 Note:

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