Security Guard Training Course

There are various aspects of a security guard role that one must be aware of before they can start working as a security guard. These can be best learned in a security guard training course. A well-structured security guard training course will give information that is required to start your career as a security guard.

Modules of a Security Guard Training Course

Duties and responsibilities: The first module of any security guard training course is generally an introduction to the all the duties and responsibilities you will have as a security guard. These duties can vary depending on the site you get employed at, so you will need additional on the job training for specific skills; however the essentials are covered in this module.

Law and code of ethics:  States gives different power to their security guards. In this module you will learn about the laws that govern your roles and responsibilities. You will also be made familiar with the liabilities that you have and also about the legal powers you have as a security guard.

Access control: You will learn about patrolling and safeguarding access to the area you are appointed to guard. You will learn what to watch for when you are patrolling and how to identify early signs of a potential threat to the premises.

Communication: Proper communication skills are thought ins this module which will help trainees gain skills to talk to people while on work, communicate in emergency situations with other security guards, ask right question that can lead you to identify a criminal intention. Sensitivity training is also generally part of this module.

Documentation: As a security guard, you will have to provide documentation after an incident takes place. In this module you will earn the various skills such as report writing, taking notes, improving observation and gathering evidence that will improve your documentation ability.

Managing confrontation: Often the task of a security guard is to intervene and stop confrontation happening in the premises they are guarding. Stopping a confrontation is a skill that is very helpful for security guards, and one that is needed to perform the role well.

Job-related training: Many duties of the security guard are specific to the location they are guarding. So not all of these can be covered in the basic security guard training courses; however there are specific modules that are created and that can be availed as part of on the job training that will teach you additional skills needed to perform the duties of a security guard.

Firearms license and training are required if you want to be an armed security guard.

We have created a security guard training page with complete list of resources organized by each state.

Things to check when you sign up for a security guard training course

  1. Not all states allow online courses.
  2. Some states have an approved list of security guard training providers, you must complete your training from these approved schools only.
  3. Some security guard training schools may offer placement guarantees. Please perform proper due diligence before you sign up.

What should you focus on during training?

Security guards are hired to create a safe environment, if there is one thing you should focus on more than anything else during your security guard training course, it is the safety aspect. It is very important to focus on the safety of the people around you and your own safety.

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