Security Guard Training Idaho

Security guards are generally professional people who are trained to protect the asset that they have been assigned to. In different states, they need different requirements and certifications to get a job. Today we will put the spotlight on the basic requirements and training that a guard in the state of Idaho has.

The basic requirements are as follows.

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • This person needs to have a high school diploma or some other certification that is equal to a GED.
  • This person must not be convicted of any crime involving the illegal use of weapons.

Some other optional requirements are, owning a driver license, being in good physical condition, having good communication skills.

Now the requirements for armed officers.

  • This person cannot be under the age of 21
  • The applicant must have a driver license from the state of Idaho
  • He/She must pass a drug test
  • Must agree to submitting fingerprinting
  • This applying individual be in good physical condition and must have a good moral character
  • The individual must have worked as a guard for 1 year and must have a good work record.

However, the person applying for this job, in Idaho, must not undergo a curriculum set by the state Board. The companies hiring them may train them as they like and prefer.

And so the training of security guards in Idaho will vary from company to company.

I have gathered the main topics from different company’s curriculum, here are what some companies train their security guards in.

First Aid

The students will learn the manner in which to treat hazard victims, they will learn to treat wounds at a basic level, and they will also learn basic first aid techniques like CPR.

Security Technology

In what way to operate communicational devices, how to operate and check various alarm systems, how can a person check CCTV footage. In what way to use biometrics, i.e. facial recognition, fingerprint scanners. What are different authentication and identification processes. Also, knowledge about locks and their manufacturers and knowledge on perimeter security, i.e. knowledge on operating from a guardhouse.

Hazard Communication

Knowledge about different hazard and danger signs. Effective reactions to hazards like leaking of dangerous chemicals. Who to notify when hazards occur and to communicate calmly with the people in times of hazard.


The legal aspects of this job. The contract breach policy and other laws relating to this job

Power to Arrest

It tells the officers who they can arrest, when they can arrest, and how to arrest a suspect.

Terrorism Awareness

The nature of terrorism, new international terrorism trends, to react correctly in a terrorist act, knowledge on weapons of mass destruction.

Public Relations

How to recognize racial and gender discrimination. To respect people, the results and dangers of stereotyping and unprofessional attitudes. Improving verbal skills. In what way to recognize a substance abusing or mentally ill people. To appear professional, to have good conduct and to have a commanding presence.

Observing and Documenting

To write an accurate report, patrol and observing techniques, what type of questions to ask, observing suspects and suspicious activity.

Search and Seizure

Appropriate use of force, when to conduct a search, what to seize and how, legal rights regarding search and seizures.

Evacuation Processes

Knowledge on different types of emergencies and reactions to different emergencies.  Knowledge about how to direct people to exit through stairs, elevators and doors. What to do in darkness in case of power outage.

Officer Safety

How someone assesses a threat. To approach a threat safely. In what way to create a safe working environment.

Trespass rules

Told about the laws of trespassing, the acts that come under “trespassing”, in which manner approach a trespasser .Told about the difference between, private property, public property and private buildings.

These are some of the general topics that a security guard goes through in training. However it must be kept in mind that the quality of classes, for Idaho state security guards, will vary from company to company.

Thus one will only be able to assess the quality of a guard by looking at the specific company that hired him/her.

But nowadays, due to the increasing awareness and belief in mandatory professional training for every job, companies will try to provide the best possible training to their hired sentries so that they can compete with other companies and also due to an increase in crime rates, it is necessary for a security

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