Security Guard Training in Maine

There is one thing to notice about the security guard selection system in Maine, it is very similar to the one in Delaware. A security officer is a person paid to protect a property or person. The focus now, is on the quality of training that the security personnel in the state of Maine gets.

Unarmed Guards

The basic requirements and training of an officer in Maine will be discussed in this article, the basic requirements are as follows.

  • The applying person must be at least 18 years old
  • The applicant must be a citizen of the United States or a legal alien (immigrant)
  • He/She must not have been convicted of any crime that led to 1 or more years of jail time in the last 5 years.
  • The person must submit to a drug test if asked
  • The person might be asked to submit to a criminal background check
  • The applicant must not have a bad moral character
  • This individual must not have committed any crimes involving fraud

Other optional requirements are, a driver’s license, good physical condition and good communicating skills.

Basic requirements for armed guards are as follows

  • He/She must be 21 years old or older
  • Must have driver’s license
  • Must have good physical condition and must not be mentally ill

The basic topics covered in the training will be discussed now.

Role of Private Guards

The officers are told about their role in society, told about their role in national security. The students are educated in their responsibilities to the people and to the client and they are taught to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

Legal Aspects

The pupils are educated about the legal aspects of their job, their civilian rights and liabilities, for example the students are informed that they have more power than the police on their “private” properties that are assigned to them, and taught about what harassment liabilities might come with the job and what they can and cannot do.

Patrol and Observation

The officers are told about different patrol techniques and observation techniques, taught to identify and approach suspicious activity. They are taught the way to prepare for a patrol, how to say alert on a patrol, to effectively patrol a perimeter, how to and what to observe while on patrol.

Incident Report and Response

They are educated in the skill of making a detailed incident report, giving an accurate and precise report. The individuals are also instructed on how to respond and approach an incident, i.e. natural and human hazards like a shootout or earthquake.

Security Resources

They are educated on different surveillance technologies. They are taught about CCTV cameras. The individuals are instructed on carrying out surveillance operations and documenting evidence.

Working With the Public

How to way always maintain a professional attitude. In which manner to talk to the public. The importance of a good first impression. The manner to address the public first if necessary. In what manner to calm the public people down, what tone of voice is appropriate with who, and to avoid conflict of interest. In which manner assist someone if he asks for assistance. The importance of hand gestures.

First Aid Overview

In what way to give a hazard victim first aid treatment effectively. Knowledge about some first aid techniques like CPR. Instructed to handle pressure.

Laws on Trespass

What crimes come under “trespassing”. In which manner to approach a trespasser. What is trespassing and how serious can it get. The students are told that trespassing is when a person enters another person’s property without permission and the criminal charges can range from violation to felony.

Laws on Search and Seizure

What a private officer can and cannot do. To conduct a proper search. When to conduct a search. What to seize and when. What to do with the seized property. When can he preform a search and what rights does he have. What evidence he need to perform a search.

This was a basic rundown of all the topics that a private guard in Maine has to have knowledge about.

A basic median annual salary of a guard in Maine is $24,600.

The Maine officer training curriculum covers all the basic topics that an officer needs to understand and so quality in Maine security personnel is expected.



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