Security Guard Training in Montana

Security officers are becoming more and more necessary for some businesses day by day. They are people who are paid to protect humans and properties. Each state has its own training and license program for security guards. In this article, we will focus on the curriculum in the state of Montana.

The basic requirements to become a guard are as follows.

  • An applying person must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The person must show proof of his citizenship of the USA
  • An applicant must be applied by a licensed company
  • The individual must pass a successful FBI and Montana Department of Justice criminal background check
  • An applicant must provide proof of training i.e. certification.
  • The citizen must submit a passport size photo showing full face, head and shoulders.
  • Must submit application and application fees ($75)


Other optional requirements may include, a driver’s license, good physical condition, and good communication skills.

The following are some basic topics covered in the training curriculum of Montana.

First Aid Overview

In this course, the officer learns basic first aid techniques. He/she learns how to treat hazard victims quickly and effectively using the knowledge of first aid. They are also taught various first aid techniques like CPR, to help people who are gasping and not breathing properly via chest compression.

Patrol and Observation

The students are educated in basic patrol techniques and observation techniques. They are told advantages and disadvantages of different types of patrols and when which patrol is to be used. They are told how to attentively observe an area effectively and in which manner approach suspicious activity. The officers are instructed to look for slippery surfaces or chemical leaks to avoid slipping and intoxicating hazards, for people in need of assistance to ensure a good customer rating, for people in medical distress or lost people or children who need immediate help, and to check for trash all around the property.

Legal Aspects

The guards are educated on their legal liabilities and rights. What they can and cannot do on public and private property. The pupils are educated in this topic so that they respect others rights and avoid harassment law suits. The pupils are also educated in search and seizure laws so that they know what they need to conduct a search and when can they conduct a search, what they can seize and what to do with the seize property.

Incident Respond and Reports

In what way respond to an incident occurring while on duty for example hurricanes, accidents, crimes. How to write detailed incident reports. In which manner to respond to different incidents effectively. In what way to classify an event as an incident and what scale to use while describing the event.

Customer Service

The students are told about the importance of having a good and professional personality, of a good first impression. To avoid conflict of interest. To respond to public peoples queries and a calm and polite way. The importance of good communication skills and hand gestures. Communication techniques.

Security Resources

How to carry out various surveillance operations and when to carry them out. Which evidences to collect and how. Different surveillance technology knowledge like CCTV cameras. In what manner document and organize different potential evidence.

Role of Private Security

The role of a security guard in national security, in making the state a more secure place. In protecting various assets and preventing thefts, keeping the economy balanced and fair. They also have a lot of responsibility to keep justice regulated as the police cannot be everywhere for 24/7. They also protect various facilities like private schools. Thus their role in society is important as it keeps the society balanced and keeps justice regulated.

The guard training syllabus that is mandatory in Montana covers all the basic topic that a guard needs and thus good and effective security officers will be seen in this state.

The role of private security in maintaining a good and balanced society is increasing rapidly and guards need to be aware of more and various situation and various techniques to deal with these situations.

The median annual salary for a guard in Montana is $23,200, by 2018 there are expected to be 1970 private security officers in Montana alone. (According to a survey conducted in 2010).

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